SE Seminar – Integrating Justice With Climate Policy: Some Challenges and Lessons Learned

SE Seminar – Integrating Justice With Climate Policy: Some Challenges and Lessons Learned

Categories: Sustainability

Thursday, November 21, 2019

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214 Residence Commons

1125 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa, ON

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Mary Giles, 613-520-2600-2752,



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Host Organization: SPPA

Climate change necessarily raises a host of concerns about justice due to the varied contributions to and impacts of climate change across time, communities and countries, and the inherent juxtapositions of both climate change and climate policy with a variety of pre-existing inequalities in human wellbeing and the dynamics that have resulted in these inequalities.  Research on the justice implications of climate change is essential for the accurate evaluation of policy trade-offs, protection of vulnerable populations, and informing climate policies capable of building solidarity across stakeholders.  This talk will lay out the rationale for better including justice in climate policy analysis and consider some of the lessons that have been learned about doing this.

4:00 – 4:10 PM Meet the Speaker
4:10 - 4:55 PM Presentation
4:55 - 5:30 PM  Q & A

Sonja Klinsky is an Associate Professor at the School of Sustainability, Arizona State University. Her work has systematically focused on the core challenges of climate justice at the domestic and international levels. As an interdisciplinary scholar, her work sits at the intersection of political theories of justice, legal and economic approaches to climate change policy, and public engagement. She has published extensively on climate justice within the international and domestic arenas, including on transitional justice, the utility of feminist scholarship to climate justice, strategies for embedding justice into climate policy design, and public engagement with climate justice.