Science Café | Unveiling Women’s Overlooked Contributions to Nuclear Science

Science Café | Unveiling Women’s Overlooked Contributions to Nuclear Science

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Wednesday, February 07, 2024

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Ottawa Public Library, Sunnyside Campus

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Jessie Cartwright, 343-961-8238,



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Host Organization: The Office of the Dean of Science
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Did you know that the experiment leading to the discovery of fission was led by a female physicist? Were you aware that 30% of the staff involved in the Manhattan Project, the large-scale scientific endeavor leading to the atomic bomb, were women? Yet, the 2023 Oppenheimer movie features only 10% female cast members, with half unrelated to the project itself. Women in the Manhattan Project played pivotal roles beyond mere background figures. Explore their untold impact on the development of the atomic bomb. Join me at the Science Café to challenge these historical narratives.


Dr. A. Bourgouin holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and completed her master’s at Laval University in Québec City. Her Ph.D. in Physics, earned at Carleton University under the National Research Council of Canada’s Medical and Industrial Dosimetry group, shaped her expertise in metrology and dosimetry. At the German National Metrology Institute (PTB), her postdoctoral work was on FLASH electron beams dosimetry. Currently a Research Associate at Canada’s National Metrology Institute (NRC) since May 2023, Dr. Bourgouin advances metrology, focusing on radionuclide measurements.