Science Café: Quantum Entanglement

Science Café: Quantum Entanglement

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Wednesday, October 06, 2021

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Office of the Dean of Science, 613-520-4388, ODSCIENCE@CARLETON.CA



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Host Organization: Office of the Dean of Science
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Originally conceived as a refutation of quantum mechanics in the 1930’s, quantum entanglement has since become a central notion in quantum information science and a key resource in the applications that are driving efforts to develop quantum technologies. While there is a growing depth of understanding of the concept and its many potential uses, the theory of quantum entanglement remains an active, challenging, and fundamental area of investigation. In this talk, Dr. Crann will outline the history of the concept and discuss one particularly useful application to quantum computing: teleportation.

Jason Crann, Speaker

Dr. Crann is an Associate Professor in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Carleton University. Within the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Mathematics and Statistics, A member of the Joint Analysis Group as well as the interdisciplinary QUASAR Group, which studies QUAntum Security through Algebra and Representation theory, Jason is also an Affiliate Member of the Institute for Quantum Computing in Waterloo.

The primary focus of Dr. Crann’s research is the theoretical development of operator modules, harmonic analysis on quantum groups, and quantum information. A unifying framework for these areas is provided by operator algebras and operator space theory.