Science Café: Protein communications within a cell; what makes a cell “tick”?

Science Café: Protein communications within a cell; what makes a cell “tick”?

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Ottawa Public Library (Sunnyside Branch)

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Rima Mattar, 613520-2600, ext 8760,


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Host Organization: Faculty of Science
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Join us for the final Science Café presentation of the year!

Speaker: Ashkan Golshani, Department of Biology

Proteins are the macromolecules responsible for the majority of biological functions in a living cell. For this purpose proteins need to communicate with each other. They do so by physically interacting (binding) with one another and forming transient or lasting complexes. The mechanisms of this communication have been the subject of vigorous investigations over the years. Understanding the basis of these communications can help us better understand the biology of a living cell. That is, we can better realize what makes the cell behave as a “living system”. Over the past decade, my laboratory in collaboration with others, have shown that some of these interactions are mediated by simple codes on the proteins. These codes can help us predict the interaction among proteins and how to perhaps modify them for specific purposes.