Racism’s Raw Materials

Racism’s Raw Materials

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Thursday, January 28, 2021

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM | Add to calendar

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Zoom Room - link to be sent before event

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Marlene Brancato, (613) 858-1069, marlene.brancato@carleton.ca



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Host Organization: Department of Political Science
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A Zoom talk by Robert Vitalis

On January 28th, 2021, from 17:30-19:00, join us for a talk by Robert Vitalis on Racism's Raw Materials. He will be discussing how racism shapes debates on the geopolitics of oil, drawing on his new book 'Oilcraft: The Myths of Scarcity and Security that Haunt U.S. Energy Policy'.

Robert Vitalis is Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania and former director of the university’s Middle East Center. He is the award-winning author of several books on the intersection of race and international politics, including 'White World Order, Black Power Politics' (2016), and 'Oilcraft: The Myths of Scarcity and Security that Haunt U.S. Energy Policy' (2020)--a book that Pulitzer Prize-winning author Greg Grandin has called “indispensable to understanding the current moment, showing that moving beyond fossil fuels is more akin to quitting a sect than breaking an addiction.” Professor Vitalis’ current research focuses on the rise of the militant right in strategic studies in the United States.