Echoes of the Sacred:Medicine Buddha Empowerment

Echoes of the Sacred:Medicine Buddha Empowerment

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM | Add to calendar

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Ottawa City Hall, Jean Pigott Place 110 Laurier Avenue West

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Andrea Lorient, 613-791-7376,



About this Event

Host Organization: Ottawa Palyul Buddhist Centre
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Empowerment, in Tibetan Buddhism, is a ritual in which all negativity is cleared away, all positive mind states nurtured, and the participant connects with the energy of a particular deity. This empowerment, open to the public invokes the energy of the Buddha of Healing (Sangye Menla). He is depicted dark blue, the colour of lapis lazuli, holding in one hand a begging bowl containing the fruit of the Myrobalan plant (includes also Arura and Amla) and in the other a sprig of the same plant in bloom. Ayurvedic physicians considered this plant suitable for treating all types of diseases and for bestowing long life. However, the benefits of Medicine Buddha are not limited to physical vitality but soothes all distress and promotes well-being of every kind including mental, emotional, and material, in this and future lifetimes.
All profits from this event are dedicated to the support of Tibetan refugee children cared for at Namdroling monastery in South India and the Ottawa Palyul Centre.