Canada’s Past and Future in the Americas

Canada’s Past and Future in the Americas

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Monday, March 27, 2017 - Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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conference rooms 2220, 2224, 2228 Richcraft Building

1125 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa, ON

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Paola Ortiz, 1233,



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Host Organization: Department of Political Science and the Latin American and Caribbean Studies group
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Latin America and the Caribbean constitute the starting ground for Canada’s connections to the world beyond the United States, with much of our diplomacy, trade, investments and a significant part of our migratory flows linked to that region. This workshop will provide a platform for discussion of our recent and current relations in the Americas, to inform academic and policy communities about the most pressing issues and to propose ways in which Canada can further contribute to human rights, governance, and inclusive and sustainable growth in the region. The panels will explore the historical determinants of Canada’s role in the Americas, bilateral and multilateral foreign policy relations, trade and investment relations, security issues, extractive industries, migration, human rights and democracy, as well as the challenges of the future, with the participation of more than 40 panelists from Latin America, the US, and Canada.

Registration is required - $50, and $10 for students.