Book Launch | Precarious Power: Compliance and Discontent Under Ramaphosa’s ANC by Susan Booysen

Book Launch | Precarious Power: Compliance and Discontent Under Ramaphosa’s ANC by Susan Booysen

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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Host Organization: Institute of African Studies
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In this Virtual Book Launch, renowned political scientist Susan Booysen discusses her book - In Precarious Power which is an incisive analysis of South Africa’s ANC power-as party, as government, as state.
Susan Booysen writes that South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) is in decline, its hegemony has been weakened, its legitimacy diluted. President Cyril Ramaphosa’s appointment suspended the ANC’s electoral decline, it also heightened internal tensions between those who would deepen its acquired status as corrupt and captured, and those who would remodel it as redeemable. These are the incontrovertible knowns of South African politics; what will evolve from this is less certain. It uses in-depth research and analysis to distill that which is bound to shape South Africa’s political future, Booysen focuses on contradictory party politics and internal ANC dissent that is veiled for the sake of retaining an electoral following. Also exposed is the incongruous, populist policy­making, protest politics and the use of soft law to ensure it does not alienate angry citizens, fueling further discontent and protest. The ANC’s power has become exceedingly precarious. Precarious Power is the name of the political game, for the foreseeable future.

Susan will be joined by Professor Shireen Hassim, Canada 150 Research Chair in Gender and African Politics to discuss her latest book and the session will be moderated by Dr. Bruce Montador, Chair of the Africa Study Group, Ottawa and former Executive Director representing Canada at the African Development Bank.