Beyond Content, Lecture, Exam, and Grade

Beyond Content, Lecture, Exam, and Grade

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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Host Organization: Teaching and Learning Services
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Facilitator: Nadia Abu-Zahra, Associate Professor, International Development and Global Studies, University of Ottawa

The evidence mounting against the “banking” or “transmission” model of learning — the predominant postsecondary education model which entails content, lectures, exams and grades — has accumulated for over a hundred years. At this point, some argue, continuing this model is no longer even ethical. This open discussion session begins with some of the opportunities that can open up when we move beyond this model — with examples of learning experiences that are imaginative and collective. While the benefits of moving beyond the transmission model are proven, replicable, and readily experienced, the wider structures that impose hierarchies and exclusions continue to be replicated among us. This is where the questions continue: how can postsecondary education foster learning that lasts longer and relations that are sustained, sustaining, and accountable?

This event is presented by SILC (Supra-Institutional Learning Communities) in collaboration with TLSS (Teaching and Learning Support Service) at the University of Ottawa and TLS (Teaching and Learning Services) at Carleton University.