Applying Principles of Multiple-Choice Testing

Applying Principles of Multiple-Choice Testing

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM | Add to calendar

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Host Organization: Teaching and Learning Services
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Facilitators: Maristela Petrovic-Dzerdz (TLS) and Yuan Chen (TLS)

Note: Before registering for this workshop, please register for the Foundations of Multiple-Choice Testing workshop, as in this workshop you will be applying the principles introduced in the foundational workshop.

Multiple-Choice (MC) testing is one of the most commonly used forms of assessment in a university setting. To effectively utilize multiple-choice tests for assessing a wide content landscape and a large number of students, you want to be able to improve your questions based on best practices in question writing, write questions requiring different types of cognitive processes, and analyze question items and test results to refine and improve your tests.

In this workshop, you will have an opportunity to practice hands-on these skills and will leave the session feeling more confident utilizing multiple-choice tests as one of your tools in the assessment toolkit.

This session is intended for all participants who are involved in designing learning experiences, in any delivery format.