2023-24 Health Sciences Seminar Series featuring Dr. Cristina Al-Khalili Szigyarto

2023-24 Health Sciences Seminar Series featuring Dr. Cristina Al-Khalili Szigyarto

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Thursday, November 30, 2023

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This event will take place over Zoom (please see registration link below)

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Claire MacArthur, 6135207099, clairemacarthur@cunet.carleton.ca



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Host Organization: Carleton University, Department of Health Sciences
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The Department of Health Sciences is pleased to announce the next seminar in our 2023-24 Health Sciences Seminar Series, and this event will be via Zoom (see registration buttons below).

Title: Omics technologies to map the human biology in health and disease
Abstract: Omics technologies have been used to describe the human biology on molecular level and create the Human Protein Atlas (www.proteinatlas.org), a publicly available knowledge database. The database comprises today 12 different sections covering annotation of all protein coding genes and more than 10 million images. Within this initiative we have developed both methods and tools to systematically analyze transcripts and proteins in organs, tissues and cells on an anatomic comprehensive level. RNA-sequencing platforms were used to establish in which tissues and cells each human gene is expressed and antibodies were produced and used to map localization of proteins across the human body. Having access to different organs, body fluids are considered to carry protein components originating from tissues and consequently mirror disease states. Using a hypothesis driven approach based on gene expression profiles in eg. skeletal muscle and heart, we explored protein abundance in serum and plasma aiming to identify biomarker candidates in the context of neuromuscular diseases. Our efforts have resulted in the identification of biomarker candidates suitable for surveillance of eg. disease progression and/or outcome of therapies. If clinically validated these biomarkers can aid clinical management of neuromuscular diseases and development of novel therapies eg. gene therapies.

Assoc. Prof. Cristina Al-Khalili Szigyarto
School of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health
KTH – Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden

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