2017 Peeter Kruus Lecture TSES- Dr. Steven Cooke

2017 Peeter Kruus Lecture TSES- Dr. Steven Cooke

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Monday, November 06, 2017

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624 Southam Hall

1125 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa, ON

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Michelle Santoianni, ext 4461, michelle.santoianni@carleton.ca


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Host Organization: TSES-Faculty of Science

For good or for bad? Techno-science and wildlife conservation
Conservation scientists are increasingly relying on technology to study conservation problems and to identify potential solutions to the biodiversity crisis. For example, the challenges of studying wild animals in cryptic habitats such as the depths of the oceans or in deep forest cover have led scientists to adopt animal tracking tools. Electronic tags can be
applied to animals that allow scientists to document the exact position of animals in near real time. Knowing where animals are distributed in space and in time is fundamental for identifying critical habitats and for assessing population biology. Yet, the same information that is desired by conservation practitioners can also put wildlife at risk if it ends up
in the wrong hands. This presentation will explore the good and the bad of animal tracking technology including topics such as animal privacy and cyber poaching.