Toward a Critical Children’s Museology: by Monica Patterson

Toward a Critical Children’s Museology: by Monica Patterson

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Thursday, February 06, 2020

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2203 Dunton Tower

1125 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa, ON

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Laura Barrow, 613-520-2368,


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Host Organization: Carleton's Childhood and Youth Studies Winter Speaker Series Program

How would museum work change if children were to be included, not just as subjects or target audience members, but as active participants and co-creators of museum content and programming? For decades, Museum Studies scholars have called for a “New Museology” with greater inclusion of marginalized communities and diversification of exhibit content, but children have been largely ignored in these efforts. Very few museum institutions engage with children as co-producers of knowledge. But children and youth, as experts on themselves and their experiences, have a great deal to teach us about how to make more engaging, interactive, and inclusive exhibits and programming. Further, through museums, children can better realize their civil rights and strengthen their communities. This paper explores the possibilities for forging a new field I call “Critical Children’s Museology” which seeks to identify approaches to producing exhibit content not just for or about children, but by and with children.